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The first three rounds of HEART DRIVEN CREATOR were such a success, we’re doing it again in the second half of 2021 – for 12 women (only) ready to be self-empowered, follow their heart and create powerful change in their business and life, despite any wavering sense of self-doubt and fear.

support them to have a clear, doable, sustainable plan of action and a repeatable framework of support and inspiration to get them into an upward spiral of heart-driven growth and expansion – to CREATE an exciting + fulfilling life, business, family and way of being in the world.

Hello beautiful, hand-on-heart,
other than being mama for my children, there isn’t much more I love, than supporting heart-driven women to get freaking CLEAR about what it is they desire.

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Calling all women ready to listen to their HEART.
Calling all women ready take ACTION.
Calling all women who want to get into a state of continuous PROGRESS
And finally make some good shit happen – their way.

Without the hustle. Without the overwhelm. Without the crippling worry of 'will it work? And what will people think?'

GET CLEAR about what it is your HEART is calling you to CREATE, and work out how to make it a REALITY in a doable, sustainable way.

To finally create a clear, heart-aligned plan to get into action and make meaningful progress in your business and life?

Do you want to stop letting your fear and self-doubt get in your way?

Do you want to wake up an 80-year-old woman, deeply disappointed in yourself that you never had the courage to truly listen to YOUR HEART and go after what it is you really want?

Or do you want to make a CHOICE, that enough is enough, you know you have ideas, desires and creations within you busting to come out into the world, and you are willing to get serious (in a super easy way) about your heart-driven life and business.

If not NOW – then when? #probablynever #justsayin

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I can show you how. THIS IS MY JAM.
Leading women to follow their hearts and go after what they want. Creating clarity, grounded-ness, connectedness to self AND giving women the supportive structure they need to find the freedom they crave.

You get COMMITTED to using your time and energy wisely.

You BUILD your COURAGE muscles and super charge your sense of self-worth and TRUST in YOU and your heart.

You become more MAGNETIC to all that you desire.

And you take personal responsibility for THIS ONE PRECIOUS LIFE and how you really want to show up for it, as a woman, as a mother and as a creator.

You get INTENTIONAL sister. Like really intentional and aligned, with your heart, your desired feelings, your values.

So, HOW do you CREATE a HEART-DRIVEN life and business?

You get CLEAR about what it is you want to make happen, you vision, you break it down in achievable, doable, exciting goals, and you get into action. Not just any action, but heart-driven, intentional imperfect action, aligned with YOUR priorities.

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So that you FEEL freaking proud of yourself to BE IN this game of intentionally and powerfully creating YOUR business, YOUR career, YOUR family and your life YOUR way AND making some pretty cool shit happen along the way.

So that you can get clearer, stronger and more heart-aligned on the daily.
So that you wake up excited to get into action.
So that you don’t live a life of regrets.

To help you get to the heart of what is essential for you, to create an ever refining, expanding and upward spiralling business and life you love, without the constant hustle.

And the more I intentionally step into this game of being a heart-driven creator, the more and more magnetic I become.
I want this for you too.

With over 6 years experience of building successful events and experiences for women I’ve built my business with one imperfect, inspired, intentional heart-driven step at a time.


We will diving into topics such as:
+ the power of strong heart foundations
+ the power of clarity
+ the power of intentional, imperfect action
+ the power of getting purposeful with your time and energy
+ the power of the regroup
+ and how to be a powerful creator and be magnetic AF

This is a heart-driven creation, that shows YOU how to follow your heart and go after what you want in a doable, sustainable, heart aligned way.

So that you can create more wealth, feel more peace and have more time for the things that matter most - to you.

You have an idea that you would love to make happen, but you are just not SURE that it will work?  And you worry what people might think of you?

You can FEEL in your heart that you are meant for MORE, but you are scared shitless of going after it. You’re not sure where to start, you’re not sure of the exact perfect path to make it a reality, and you certainly don’t have any spare time or energy to start something new right now.

You want a framework that will cut to the heart of what YOU are about, and how you can share you with the world.

You crave CLARITY. Perhaps you can see the big picture, but not the right next steps, so that you can be true to YOU and create a successful, sustainable and powerfully magnetic way of doing business and life.

You see yourself as a brilliant planner; you have every single step mapped out, but you are getting caught up in the details and not taking near enough action to actually bring anything into reality. Perhaps there is a chance that you are letting your sense of perfectionism get in your WAY.

The negative chatter of “this might not work”, “what if I fail”, “what if what I’m doing doesn’t matter?”, creeps in far too much, and takes place of your self-discipline, your self-motivation, and your sense of self-worth.

You REALLY don’t want to live like this. You want to feel clearer, calmer, more courageous, more progressive, so that you can look back in 5 years time, heck in one year’s time and feel freaking PROUD of what you have made happen. Because you were finally willing to listen to your heart and imperfectly but very intentionally go after what you WANT, and realise your power to CREATE life and business YOUR WAY.

Let me know if this sounds like you…

You are taking action, you are making some things happen, but more often than not you find yourself stuck, spinning in overwhelm and not making the progress that you REALLY want to make.

Fear, f*cking FEAR, FEAR, FEAR is getting in your way. You doubt myself, your worth, your capability, your ideas.  You find yourself deep in self-doubt ALL THE TIME, and you don’t want to be held back by your low sense of worthiness anymore, because it sucks, big time.

You want to stop undervaluing yourself, overloading your schedule, and letting fear #procrastination take over, so that you can create a business/career and life structure that FEELS good, and means you still have time and energy for your family and wellbeing.

You want to be able to step up, and show up, imperfectly. You are no longer willing to stick with the safest option, because you can FEEL your heart pulling you towards something different. And even though you are afraid, of all the “what ifs”… you are more afraid of the “if only’s” that you will be forced to reflect upon when you look back at your time, if you don’t make the choice today to change that way you are going to move through the world, creating your heart-driven business and life.

You want to GO NEXT LEVEL in your life and business/career. You want to feel a really strong foundation, clear of who you are, how you want to feel, what matters most to you, what you are CREATING and WHY it matters – so that you can GROW. So that you can feel inspired and excited about your business and life, and the future you are creating now. So that you can play the game your way and feel like you are WINNING.

You want to be an example of what is possible. For yourself, for your family, for your children, for your community. You don’t want to wonder what if, any more.

Or what about this?

You are not willing to let another month of your life pass you by without getting super clear about what freaking matters to you, about what you want to create THIS YEAR, and how you are going to go about bringing all you desire closer.

You want to be a

If you're nodding your head at your screen, thinking "Ahhh crap. Yep, that's me." then you're right where you need to be and I am thrilled you're here with me!

I have been where you are, I have felt that deep sense of FEAR, overwhelm and crippling self-doubt. In the past, I have experienced that sense of too many good ideas, not enough freaking real progress. I have absolutely spent way too many hours considering what other people might or do think of me, and how they might want me to go about doing business and life. I have lived though some of the most intense years of my adult life (think unhealthy/controlling relationship and making the biggest, scariest decision of my life and for my family, to leave it) AND during that same very time, I have built a beautiful heart-driven business and life. I have run more events and experiences for women than I can count, I have created successful year-long programs for women in business years in a row, I am the heart-driven creator of The Project Podcast, The Sister Retreat, and previous events such as Love Local Fleurieu, RISE on the Fleurieu and Super School, that I have recently sold. I have mentored so many 1:1 and groups, in person and online, of women out of ideation, overwhelm, fear, deep self-doubt and into clarity, imperfect intentional action, meaningful heart-aligned growth, and to a place where they are getting clearer, stronger and more heart-driven and magnetic on the daily.

I’m Claire Byrt, the heart-driven business strategist and mentor behind Project Work Life.

So who the heck am i?

For yourself, and for the people you love the most.

to get connected to your heart, get clear about what matters most and what you want to create, to get clear about what you are going to action, in an easy, doable, sustainable way, to really honour your precious time and energy, so that you can be a HEART DRIVEN CREATOR and be in a state of ever refining, ever realigning, ever up-levelling way of being in the world. 

I am going to give you a framework that you can use time and time again,

I’ve got what it takes to grow a business, and create a life that I genuinely freaking ADORE, while staying aligned with my heart. 
In fact, it’s because I am aligned with my heart, that creates the sustainable magnetic success in business and life.
And I am going to show you how to do the same.

This is what I LOVE to do.
For me and for us all:

Create Heart-Driven, empowered, action taking, magnetic women.

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AND I believe that one of the MOST powerful things you can invest in – is YOURSELF.

Nervous about taking the leap?
It’s ok, I get it.

Are you willing to let another year pass you by? Are you willing to let another 6 months pass you by? Seriously sister, are you willing to let another freaking month pass you by without GOING FOR IT and intentionally creating a way of being in and moving towards the life and business/career that FEELS SO RIGHT FOR YOU.

YOU are the biggest factor to your successful life and business, and so investing time, energy and money INTO YOU is the most likely way for you to create powerful change in your business and life.

I am learning to hold boundaries that feel right for me and my family, that multi-tasking doesn’t work, that I have a tendency for escapism but I am getting clearer and clearer about how I want to approach my life and business, and what matters most to ME.

I don’t have to be perfect, but when I am intentional, and aligned with my heart and my values, I can make serious progress and feel more at peace." - Heidi, Ili Skin Tonics

"I am embracing my roles, as a homemaker, as a mum and as a business woman.

Here’s what some of my crew have said:

As I was creating and selling Project Work Life events, experiences, 1:1 and group mentorship programs, retreats and the Project Podcast, I was living into and documenting the "secret ingredients to being a heart-driven woman". I was discovering in real time the essential elements of being a HEART DRIVEN CREATOR.

So, for the third time I have decided to release them to the world to help women courageously, imperfectly, and real-life practically GO AFTER what they want.

What could be possible in your business and life, if you got serious about listening to your heart, and getting into imperfect, empowered action?

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Honestly the list could go on, unique and varied are we women, some are mama’s and some are not, but what sits at the core of everyone is a deep desire to do business and life, with clear, heart-aligned intention, and a supportive framework to guide them to get into action, make continual refined progress and stay connected to the HEART of what matters most to them.

What sits in each of these women is call to say “fuck-it-I-am-done with self-doubt getting in the way of making CHOICES that feel aligned with my heart, and letting any more precious time pass me by before I really start to listen to ME, and CREATE intentionally, my heart-driven business and life.”

Giving YOU a heart-driven, clear, doable, sustainable plan of action and progress for your business and life, despite your fears and self-doubt.

Over the last 6 years, through this framework, I have connected countless women to the heart of what it is they want to create, and help them to get onto a path of greater clarity, progress and evolvement.

I have taken over 6 years of work and compiled it
into a powerfully-effective 9-week program called:


For Women in business in every market:

- Counsellors
- Wedding Celebrants
- Artists
- Beauticians
- Podcast Hosts
- Yoga Teachers
- Studio Owners
- Skin Care Producers
- Women’s Circle Hosts

- Kinesiologists
- Hypnotherapists
- Life Coaches
- Sex & Relationship Coaches
- Career women wanting to feel stronger,  clearer and self-driven while being employed
- Full-time mama’s wanting inner strength to be the decider of their life

- Event Leaders
- Resilience Coaches
- Pilates Coaches
- Massage Therapists
- Colonic Hydro therapists
- Brand Specialists
- Marketing Specialist
- Money Coaches
- Accountants

Are you going to stay where and how you are? 
Perhaps wait for a future “better time” when you don’t feel any fear, when circumstances and conditions “may” be better in the future? When you can be “certain” that this is the right move for you, that what you want to create will be loved by everyone, that you won’t be judged by others…

Or are you going to finally listen to your heart and go for it?
Your life is now. You want to create a better way of being now and in the future. You know that the future that is most certain is the one your CHOOSE to live into. And so, you are willing to take the leap, back yourself and become a HEART DRIVEN CREATOR.   You can come up with all the reasons why you can’t do this NOW.

Or you can choose something that is more in alignment with HOW YOU want to live into this life, what it is your heart is calling you towards, what it is you REALLY want to CREATE in your business and life.

And another part of you that is going to start trying to talk you out of going for it. This my friend, is called resistance, and I bet your bottom dollar it's coming from your head, not your heart.

You see, anytime we want to move from a lower state of being to a higher state of being, when we are close to stepping UP and into something greater than where we have been, it is our nature to experience fear and resistance, and so easily we can talk ourselves out of the very thing we crave the most… because it’s scary, because it’s unknown, because it’s uncertain, because it’s likely going to call you to step up and been seen in a different way.

Trust me, I know there is a part of you that IS SO READY FOR THIS


so, what does it cost?

That this life that you REALLY WANT TO CREATE, the desire for it is FAR FAR BIGGER than all the reasons ‘why not this time’ + the financial investment in yourself and your future!

Honestly – the way this will change your way of being in the world, is worth that more than 100 x over.

Because you know you are meant for something GREATER.

I'm ready to apply!

This program is a $2,000 investment, spread out over 6-monthly payments. You can also choose to pay in full and automatically get a $200 discount.Single-origin coffee tilde fashion axe mustache, migas lumbersexual hashtag shaman meditation chillwave chambray tbh sustainable jianbing. 

your investment

And now, I am going for it. I am getting clearer, holding more boundaries, saying NO to the things that don’t feel aligned, and asking for what I REALLY want. Now I have the structure & support system to get more intentional with my time, my priorities, my wellbeing, my family, and my business – my way.”

“Self-doubt, telling myself I didn’t have the tools, the money or the assertiveness to be a big success, was constantly rolling in my mind.

– Claire Merrick, Claire Fae Clairvoyant

To release my need to be perfect, own my own value of what I have to offer the world, increase my confidence, increase my courageous action and get into new ways of working with my creativity energy.”

“Imperfect action and owning the unknown, is HANDS DOWN why I chose to work with Claire. I needed to work with a sense of fear and excitement together...

– Lyneece Nalon, Famed

But I couldn’t get it out of my heart… and so now I am going for it. I am finally listening to my heart, feeling the fear and making imperfect but real progress on the project I REALLY want to make progress on.”

"I had this idea, but I kept going with the safest option, because I was scared of ‘what people will think’, and ‘what if it doesn’t work’,

– Yvette, Yvette Victoria Beauty Salon

earlybird prices available each time we open the doors

Round 4 waitlist growing now!

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Early Bird Investment: $555
Full Investment: $777

6 weeks of LIVE Mentoring, Q&A Classes with Claire Byrt
Creator of Project Work Life, Love Local Fleurieu, Rise, Masterclass, Super School, The Sister Retreat, The Sisterhood, The Project Podcast and Heart Driven Creator aka me, Claire! ($5,000 Value)


3 core modules of the powerful, specially designed Heart Driven Creator Framework
that will hold you, support you and get your into heart-driven clarity, action and upleveling for LIFE. ($4,000 Value)

Exclusive Online Community with other Heart-Driven woman,
courageously creating change + growth in their business and life. ($1,000 Value)

Over 6 year of Heart Driven Business + Life knowledge + experience from myself and professional, nationally + internationally known coaches wrapped up into 6 weeks of heart-driven magic. ($50,000+ Value)

LIVE Guest Mentor opportunities
that will super-change your heart-driven way of being in the world. ($5,000+ Value)

Total Combined Value: $66,600



*SAVE over $200 if you SIGN UP before early bird cutoff 

You see, as I grow, we all grow. As I appreciate my worth, we all appreciate our worth. As I hold for my value more, we all hold for our value more. 2021 will absolutely call for more upgrades. And if you get in now, you get it all, at this low investment and get access to all the up-levelling with me and a powerful community of heart-driven creators #thisisjustthebeginning

Plus, it’s important for me to tell you, that you will NEVER be able to get access to HEART DRIVEN CREATOR again at this low cost.

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payment plan

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pay in full



If the wild year, that was 2020, has taught you anything, I hope it’s that time, your life, your wellbeing, your freedom, your choices, your action, your desires MATTER.

Grab your spot before it’s closed, or the spots run out.
If you want to be one of the women that choose 2021 to be the year they stopped make excuses and started truly tuning in and following their heart, click the button below and lock in your spot before it’s too late.

NOW is the right time. Because you CHOOSE it to be.
It’s that simple, and that powerful.

You are about to embark on a journey FULL of committed action, backing yourself, trusting yourself more, valuing yourself more, as you get clearer, stronger & more heart-aligned, grounded and more magnetic to all you desire. Are you going to listen to the stories and excuses in your head?
Or feel into the truth of your heart?

This committed action – is just the beginning.

YOU have found this for a reason. You know this is meant FOR YOU.
And only you can decide if you are going to allow yourself get caught up in any form of resistance, or you are going to take committed action.

Waiting for a better time? Seriously? No – the time is now.
For you to GET CLEAR on your heart, your values, your VISION & start living into it with powerful intention NOW.

This framework will help you, for the next 6 weeks and for the rest of your life.
It will change this for you – for good. If you choose it to be.

next module overview >

Secret ingredient #1– Understand and tune into the power of your heart, why it matters, and how freaking powerful it can be in the creation of your business and life. Build greater TRUST in yourself and step into an empowered place of greater performance, growth and expansion.
Secret ingredient #2 – Get SUPER CLEAR about how it is you want to FEEL, and why FEELING GOOD and aligned is a game changing strategy for heart-driven progress and expansion. 
Secret ingredient #3 – Get down with YOUR VALUES - not anyone else’s. Your life, your values, what matters most to you. And learn WHY clarity, consistency and groundedness in your values, gives you SO MUCH MORE STRENGTH, EASE and MAGNETISM on your path to heart-driven success.

Mentoring Q&A Session with Claire Byrt - Strong Heart Foundations



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Secret ingredient #4 – Hello… CLARITY of VISION. The guiding light that pulls you forward. If you are not clear on your vision, the how will you get there?  Want what you want, own it, get excited about it and get ready to get on with it.
Secret ingredient #5 – STOP taking random action and clarify your priorities, because we can’t do everything all at once.  Get clear on your project work life goals, break down your vision into doable, sustainable and exciting goals, considering all key areas on your business and life – everything is interconnected.
Secret ingredient #6– You’ll learn that you don’t need to know ALL the steps to bring your vision into reality, but you do need to know the next right steps, and have a clear commitment of action aligned with your priorities. Here is where we make it simple and easily doable to go after what you want.

Mentoring Q&A Session with Claire Byrt – Heart Clarity



next module overview >

Secret ingredient #7 – STOP living at the whim of other people’s demands and expectations. Create the space to get purposeful are REALLY aligned with your precious time and energy, because the future that is most likely to occur is the one you CHOOSE to intentionally live into. Get up close and personal with the impact of holding honouring boundaries FOR YOU.
Secret ingredient #8 – Get into freaking ACTION and DO THE WORK, everything else is a distraction! Heart-driven, intentional, imperfect action WILL get your closer, every single time. Fear and self-doubt may travel with you, but it’s not going to stop you anymore!
Secret ingredient #9 – Change the way you move through life, in a continual state of improvement, refinement and upleveling. Increase your sense of strength, clarity and self-value with the power of the regroup to rise up. Observe, realign, decide, act… and create powerful change time after time after time.
Mentoring Q&A Session with Claire Byrt – Heart Action 



next module overview >

Get into ACTION and start living into you HDC plan now.

Mentoring Q&A Session with Claire Byrt – Heart Magnetism – creating space and powerful practices to refine, level up and super charge you magnetism.

Tap into all the Heart-Driven Success Formula Bonuses.

Join us LIVE for the first of 3 powerful, game changing Guest Mentor Sessions:
#1 Cassy Bloom - Self love coach and wellness advocate. 


Guest Mentor 1

Mentoring Q&A Session with Claire Byrt

Tap into all the Heart-Driven Success Formula Bonuses.

Join us LIVE for another powerful, game changing Guest Mentor Sessions:
#2 with Kristin Nelson: Creator of Wholeness - Fleurieu Yoga
Orient back to the peace at the heart of who you are, nourish your nervous system and embrace your wholeness, so that you can be an empowered heart driven creator, with greater love, compassion and resilience, allowing your brilliance to shine through.


Guest Mentor 2

next module overview >

Mentoring Q&A Session with Claire Byrt

Tap into all the Heart-Driven Success Formula Bonuses

HDC Family Celebration of achievements + intention setting ceremony to carry you through 2021 as an empowered Heart-Driven Creator.

Join us LIVE for our third powerful, game changing Guest Mentor Sessions:
#3 with Amy Gillan: Human Design Guide - Of Earth & Light
Discover your unique Human Design type, learn how to master your sense of identity, creativity, magnetism and receptivity to aligned opportunities, by working with your energy.


Guest Mentor 3

inside the program, you'll find...

Orient back to the peace at the heart of who you are, nourish your nervous system and embrace your wholeness, so that you can be an empowered heart driven creator, with greater love, compassion and resilience, allowing your brilliance to shine through.

Kristin nelson:
Creator of Wholeness - Fleurieu Yoga

Discover your unique Human Design type, learn how to master your sense of identity, creativity, magnetism and receptivity to aligned opportunities, by working with your energy.

Amy Gillan:
Human Design Guide - Of Earth & Light

Bring in your awareness of self love and how this impacts all areas of your life, personal and business. Mix this together with the magic of manifestation and watch your heart driven creations come to life.

Cassy bloom
self love + manifestation Coach 


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We’ve got this sister. You, me and this powerful community of heart-driven women you are about to join.

Sound like something you NEED?

are the live calls recorded?

You will have access to an empowered community of heart driven women who are in this with you and supporting your heart-driven growth.
All of the sessions are recorded, so you can show up live and soak up the collective energy and wisdom of the moment AND you can watch on replay, over and over again.

what accountability will
there be?

You will be given dedicated accountability sisters to hold you and support you and cheer you on throughout the entire 6 weeks + life beyond, should you fall in love, which experience tells me, it’s likely!

You’ll get access to the unique HDC framework, tools, schedule, planner pages, resources to support you, your clarity and heart-driven momentum.

How long are the mentoring sessions?

The weekly mentoring Q&A sessions are approx. 2.5 hrs.
The Guest Mentors have been specially chosen to super charge your capacity to GROW. These sessions will also be approx 2.5 hrs.

Calls will take place at 9:30am AEST (SA) time, on Tuesday's.

what is inside the program?

You'll have outside-of-mentoring session challenges supporting you to get to the heart of what is essential and getting into heart-driven imperfect action.

The core HDC curriculum that we cover in the first 3 weeks, has 3 core modules, each with 3 x training video’s roughly 10-20 minutes + written supportive material + customised heart-driven CLARITY questions + sheets, so that as you move through the modules, you are simply creating YOUR heart-driven plan. These are powerful resources that you can and WILL return to time and time again to support your heart driven life and continued expansion. Plus weekly live + recorded Mentoring Q&A Sessions with Claire + 3 next Level Guest Mentor Sessions + a long list of game changing bonus trainings and resources to support your heart driven expansion.

Common FAQ's:

hey SISTER, i have a question...

The investment is EARLY BIRD $555, and the change in the way you feel about yourself and take action toward creating the business and life you’re craving is guaranteed. If you feel like at the end of 7 weeks you didn't get value, and you have been showing up to *do the work*, we'll give you your money back.



This is for every woman. You don’t need to have your own business, you just need to be a human with deep desires to create powerful change in your business, career, family, way of being in the world.

become a future HEART DRIVEN CREATOR! Join waitlist

Take a deep breath and hit that beautiful yellow button and secure your spot in HEART DRIVEN CREATOR before it’s closed, and you feel a serious case of FOMO.

As mentioned above, HEART DRIVEN CREATOR is only open for a limited time. I also plan on raising the investment cost in 2021, so if you want to grab your ticket for the lowest price it will ever be again, hit the button below to sign up now.

Now let's get to into this, and start creating change in the way you show up in life, for yourself, for your family, for your heart, for the vision you feel is calling you.

You don't need to stay stuck. This is for you.


"At the beginning of Heart Driven Creator I wanted to create double my business turnover and I am well on the way to doing that"

"The way Claire encourages us to take time and space to get really clear on what we want...I feel like I now know what I want to do."

"The framework Claire has developed is so sustainable, supportive and simple."

"I now know what i'm doing, I'm not fluttering around and getting lost in a bunch of overwhelm."

"One of the main things I got from Claire was learning that 'perfect never gets done', so just take one step of imperfect action in the right direction."

"Through Claire's clarity and guidance I started to trust myself.  Maybe for the first time."

"For me it's a whole realm of empowerment that I didn't know I needed."

"You've gotta do it, if you're sitting on the fence, just say fuck yes! It's a fuck yes from me!"

Join us for HEART DRIVEN CREATOR before it’s too late.
Grab your spot before this iteration is closed for good.

Let’s do this.
Say YES to yourself, to your heart, to the beautiful vision that you want to bring into reality.

Hand on my heart, I know you have found me and this program for a reason. And it’s your heart calling you into something greater.

I’ve got a little trick for you. Put your hand on your heart, and on your belly. Take a few really deep nourishing breaths. This is a moment for you to connect to your heart, and make a decision from your higher self, over your fear. Ask yourself – do you want to be an empowered heart driven creator?
And trust the first answer that comes to you.

As you can see I have already helped so many women just like you.

The question is, are you next? Is it your time?

Got a question? I'M HERE.

I needed help to plan and schedule my weeks and days, so that it all felt more doable and sustainable for me and my family. 

I needed the extra support guiding me to step into my life legacy, and into my role as a leader, and uplevel beyond anything I had done before. This, is all unfolding for me, this is all coming to reality. I am human and challenges at times, and I am feeling super pumped to have a framework that guides me back to the heart of what matters most to me time and time again, and am feeling excited of all the possibilities that lay ahead.”

“I needed help to set a clear vision, and have goals and action steps to follow each month and week, so that I knew what I was working towards, and had some sense of accountability to it all."

Here’s what some of my crew have said:

— Melanie Hansen, The Well Supported Woman

Bonus # 1 – 11 Heart-driven ways to manifest more wealth now. (Value $147)
Bonus # 2 – Guilt-free strategies to give yourself more SPACE to DO LESS BETTER. (Value $147)
Bonus # 3 – 7 steps to your heart-driven day - daily planner. (Value $97)
Bonus # 4 – Powerful heart opening + heat clarity meditation. (Value $97)
Bonus # 5 – Hot list of game changing resources to help you. (Value $97)



AND SIGN UP BEFORE earlybird cutoff to unlock these additional SUPER FAST ACTION BONUSES: 

FAST ACTION Bonus #1 – STOP the self-doubt and become an empowered action taking woman. (Value $197)

FAST ACTION Bonus #2 – 5 strategies to getting comfortable with selling yourself and so that you can show up, be seen and make more money. (Value $249)

FAST ACTION Bonus #3 – A whopping $200 off + priority access to your ticket to The Sister Retreat 2021 [The Sister Retreat 2020 SOLD OUT within a few hours!] (Value $200, priority access = priceless).

FAST ACTION Bonus #4 – Get access to HDC for the lifetime of the program, plus every new iteration and upgrade as it unfolds and grows. (Priceless)

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If you currently have ideas, dreams, desires, a quite (or loud) calling from your heart to go after something in your business and life, but get stuck with any sense of fear, self-doubt, overwhelm, lack of clarity, lack of real-life action and momentum, lack of meaningful progress… this program is designed specifically for you.

OMG – seriously babe. This offer is the

"How Will I Know If HEART DRIVEN CREATOR Is Right For Me?"

If you are feeling frustrated with yourself, for not making the progress that you really want to make, and need a clear, doable, sustainable plan of action to move you forward in business and life… this program is designed specifically for you.

Best of all, I made it so damn simple that by the end of the 6 weeks together you will walk away with a custom-made heart-driven plan and repeatable framework for continuous improvement and uplevelling, built to succeed.

And if you're not sure you will be able to attend the live classes, I've got you covered.

Your ticket also comes with access to the recordings so you can watch and re-watch the lessons whenever you want for the lifetime of your HDC membership.

Time Is Of The Essence...

the next round of HEART DRIVEN CREATOR will ONLY open to 12 women, and these spots will be snapped up quickly.

Why?  Because I am bringing my heart-driven energy and A-game to this program,
and your experience inside it matters to me. 

In addition to that, there are many LIVE elements to this program that are heavy on the support, implementation and accountability, which means it requires a decent amount of time and energy to put on and hold space.


If you feel like at the end of 6 weeks you didn't get value, and greater sense of heart-driven clarity and inspiration to go after what is it you really want, and you have been showing up to *do the work*, i'll give you your money back.

But full disclosure, there is a catch.

You will have to show me evidence that you have shown up for your heart and for yourself, and you have to show me evidence that you have done the work.

Sound fair?

Because… nothing will work for you, if you make excuses, stay hidden, wrapped up in the safety of your excuses and do nothing.

However, if you are committed to showing up and doing the work, then this guarantee is perfect for you!

Here is my guarantee.

I guarantee that you will love HEART DRIVEN CREATOR.

You and me, we have got this sister. I am committed to helping you to rise up, deeply value yourself and go after what it is you really want, and create a way of being in the world as a woman, as a creator, as a mother, that FEELS GOOD and deeply fulfilling for you.