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Ready to ditch the self-doubt and build a heart driven life, business and way of being?

Let me show you how...

Hello beautiful,
It’s time to TRUST yourself, create space for your vision and finally go for what you freaking want

– Lyneece Nalon, Famed (HDC Round 2)

But I couldn’t get it out of my heart… and so now I am going for it.  I am finally listening to my heart, feeling the fear and making imperfect but real progress on the project I REALLY want to make progress on.”

"I had this idea, but I kept going with the safest option, because I was scared of ‘what people will think?’, and ‘what if it doesn’t work?’

I'm ready to change the game





But somewhere deep down, your heart is still calling. You are meant for MORE. And maybe...just can do this.

So now you’re stuck, spinning in overwhelm. In the gear-grinding hustle. Looking for a clear path.
Waiting until everything’s *ready* enough. Or until you’re “good enough”...

And you’re frustrated AF.

Because taking action - the bit where dreams become reality - means your heart is out there. And that’s enough to scare you shitless.

It happens right when your big dream starts to feel a little more solid. When it moves from dream to “maybe I could”...

...launch that business, double your business, go after that speaking opportunity, or finally set up those boundaries (yep, putting yourself first can be a big, worthy dream).

“Who are you to think you can do this?”

Your heart is calling you to something BIGGER.
 But then that familiar little voice pipes up:

You want to stop undervaluing yourself, overloading your schedule, and letting fear and #procrastination take over 

Even though you are afraid of all the “what ifs”, you’re terrified to look back on your life with a heart full of “if only’s”

You’re no longer willing to stick with the safest option, because you can FEEL your heart pulling you towards something different

You want to GO NEXT LEVEL in your life and business. To play the game your way and feel like you are WINNING

You want to be an example of what’s POSSIBLE. For yourself, for your family, for your children, for your community

And you’re not willing to let another month of your life pass you by without getting SUPER CLEAR about what freaking matters to you, about what you want to create THIS YEAR, and how you are going to go about bringing all you desire closer

You, babe, are in a state of transformation.

Yep, it feels scary but it’s also freaking powerful.
Let’s see if any of these sound familiar…

If you're nodding your head at your screen, thinking "Ahhh crap. Yep, that's me" then you're right where you need to be.

And I’m thrilled you're here!

Single mama, 6-figure business woman and barefoot beach walker.
I’m wildly passionate about connecting, supporting, inspiring and mentoring women to be the empowered heart driven creators of their life.

And I feel like an Imposter.
“Ummmm, what?”

Yep, that might come as a surprise. But the biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome (and continue to play with) is my own sense of value, worthiness, and fear of being seen and heard. 
I know how deep those bullshit stories go.

And yet, over 6 of the most challenging years of my life, I was still able to build Heart Driven Creator and the Sisterhood. I sold out my Magnetic Woman retreat. I created and sold-out a whole series of events (do you remember Love Local Fleurieu, Rise and Super School? My first business babies, that have now been SOLD!!)

I’ve helped hundreds of women to overcome self-doubt and step up with greater clarity and certainty, to be more of who they REALLY want to be, to bring their heart-visions into real life.

And I did it all while working the equivalent of 3 days a week (2 of those in school hours), with clarity and time for the things that matter most to me.

How? One imperfect, intentional, heart-driven step at a time. 
And some solid-arse boundaries. #everyweekendoffline

I’m Claire Byrt, the heart-driven business strategist and mentor behind Project Work Life.

So who the heck am i?

You can be the woman who honours her precious time and energy.
Who’s clear on what she’s creating and where she’s going.
Who is aligned with her heart and has a life she genuinely freaking ADORES.
Who creates magnetic success for herself and the people she loves most.

If you’re thinking “Heck YES, Claire! But how?!”, it’s time you were introduced to...

Now I’m here to tell you, you can feel all the Imposter Syndrome in the world and still be the empowered heart-driven creator of your business and life. 

Best of all, I made it so damn simple that by the end of our 6 weeks together, you’ll walk away with a custom-made, heart-driven plan for continuous improvement and upleveling. Built to succeed.

You get COMMITTED to using your time and energy wisely

Build your COURAGE muscles and supercharge your sense of self-worth and TRUST in YOU and your heart

Become more MAGNETIC to all that you desire

Create more WEALTH, feel more PEACE and have more TIME for the things that matter most to you

Take personal responsibility for THIS ONE PRECIOUS LIFE and how you really want to show up for it, as a woman, as a mother and as a creator

A powerfully effective 6-week program that kicks fear and self-doubt to the curb and gives you a clear plan of action to create sustainable, heart-driven progress in your life and business.

Heart Driven Creator is a way to get to the heart of what it is YOU want to create.

It’s an intentional path to greater clarity, progress and evolution, whether you’re a podcast host, yoga teacher, accountant, full-time mama, freelance geologist (rock on, babe), or anything in between.

Heart Driven Creator

You’ll get a repeatable framework to help you:


Already hearing the call?

To release my need to be perfect, own my own value of what I have to offer the world, increase my confidence, increase my courageous action and get into new ways of working with my creativity energy.”


- Heidi, Ili Skin Tonics

I am learning to hold boundaries that feel right for me and my family, that multitasking doesn’t work, that I have a tendency for escapism but I am getting clearer and clearer about how I want to approach my life and business, and what matters most to ME. I don’t have to be perfect, but when I am intentional, and aligned with my heart and my values, I can make serious progress and feel more at peace." 


– Yvette, Yvette Victoria Beauty Salon

And now, I am going for it. I am getting clearer, holding more boundaries, saying NO to the things that don’t feel aligned, and asking for what I REALLY want. Now I have the structure & support system to get more intentional with my time, my priorities, my wellbeing, my family, and my business – my way.”


– Claire Merrick, Claire Fae Clairvoyant

1. Heart Driven Creator isn’t just a bunch of videos you watch on your own
It’s an interactive program where you’ll become part of a community of like minded women. And I’ll be with you, live and direct, all the way. I’ll support you to create the clarity, groundedness and structures you need to follow your heart. And find the freedom you crave.

2. Heart Driven Creator is about taking action
And we’re going to get INTENTIONAL sister. Like really intentional. You’ll get aligned with your heart, your values and your big, audacious vision. And together we’ll break it down into totally achievable steps. So you can start taking beautiful, imperfect action towards your heart's calling.

You know you’re meant for something greater.

But before we dive in and start manifesting that BOLD, heart-driven life, let me make a couple of things crystal clear....

Ready to get out from under the fear and overwhelm and finally start living the life you are MEANT to live?

I’m ready! SIgn me up!

next module overview >

Secret ingredient #1– Understand and tune into the power of your heart, why it matters, and how freaking powerful it can be in the creation of your business and life. Build greater TRUST in yourself and step into an empowered place of greater performance, growth and expansion.
Secret ingredient #2 – Get SUPER CLEAR about how it is you want to FEEL, and why FEELING GOOD and aligned is a game changing strategy for heart-driven progress and expansion. 
Secret ingredient #3 – Get down with YOUR VALUES - not anyone else’s. Your life, your values, what matters most to you. And learn WHY clarity, consistency and groundedness in your values, gives you SO MUCH MORE STRENGTH, EASE and MAGNETISM on your path to heart-driven success.

2 x 2hr Mentoring Q&A Session with Claire Byrt - Strong Heart Foundations



next module overview >

Secret ingredient #4 – Hello… CLARITY of VISION. The guiding light that pulls you forward. If you are not clear on your vision, the how will you get there? Want what you want, own it, get excited about it and get ready to get on with it.
Secret ingredient #5 – STOP taking random action and clarify your priorities, because we can’t do everything all at once. Get clear on your project work life goals, break down your vision into doable, sustainable and exciting goals, considering all key areas on your business and life – everything is interconnected.
Secret ingredient #6 – You’ll learn that you don’t need to know ALL the steps to bring your vision into reality, but you do need to know the next right steps, and have a clear commitment of action aligned with your priorities. Here is where we make it simple and easily doable to go after what you want.

2 x 2hr Mentoring Q&A Session with Claire Byrt – Heart Clarity



Secret ingredient #7 – STOP living at the whim of other people’s demands and expectations. Create the space to get purposeful and REALLY aligned with your precious time and energy. Because the future that is most likely to occur is the one you CHOOSE to intentionally live into. Get up close and personal with the impact of holding honouring boundaries FOR YOU.
Secret ingredient #8 – Get into freaking ACTION and DO THE WORK, everything else is a distraction! Heart-driven, intentional, imperfect action WILL get your closer, every single time. Fear and self-doubt may travel with you, but it’s not going to stop you anymore!
Secret ingredient #9 – Change the way you move through life, in a continual state of improvement, refinement and upleveling. Increase your sense of strength, clarity and self-value with the power of the regroup to rise up. Observe, realign, decide, act… and create powerful change time after time after time.
2 x 2hr Mentoring Q&A Session with Claire Byrt – Heart Action 



You’ll join a community of 19 other courageous women who are dedicated to creating powerful change. This is a space where you can share wins, talk through challenges and support each other to grow and expand into a life and business you love.

In the powerful Heart Driven Creator Framework, you’ll discover the “secret ingredients” of a heart-aligned way of being that makes you magnetic AF.

Immediate, lifetime access to three value-packed modules  ($4,000 value)

A safe, online community of heart-driven women  ($1,000 value)

There’s a 2hr call every week where you get to ask me ALL the questions and dig in to what’s been holding you back from the life you’re READY to live! With each call, you’ll get clearer, stronger and excited to put your plans into action. 

That’s right, babe, you are going to make some pretty cool shit happen!

6 live mentoring and Q&A sessions  ($5,000 value)

When you become a Heart Driven Creator you get:

I have never been interested in hustle culture.  And when I first started in business I had this feeling deep down that there had to be an empowered heart driven way to step into the creation of our UPGRADED way of living and being in the world. A way of doing business, life and growth that felt grounded, abundant and S P A C I O U S.

Hustle was not and will never be an option for me.  It's simply not sustainable or healthy, not driven from an abundance mindset, and not as powerful as the alternative!  And so, here I stand, kick-arse 6 figure business owner, who has clear time, space and energy for the things that matter most to me, about to share everything I know, so far about being an empowered Heart Driven Money Maker.

And just because I’m so freaking excited about this…(!!!)
When you sign up for Heart Driven Creator you’ll also get my BRAND NEW PROGRAM:

OMG YES!! I’m ready to make shit happen!

($2,000 value)

It's going to go a little something like this...

Money a Love Story - your money is craving attention.
Money Mindset - for receiving the goods.
Money and Marketing - are besties for the big life.
Money and Manifesting - play the game of creation.

THIS is going to powerfully SHIFT some of the sh*t bogging you down, and open you up to receiving, creating and enjoying money and abundance in your life at a whole new level.

I can't wait to play the MONEY LOVE GAME with you.  It is one of my most favourite games!  Well that and Monopoly Millionaire but that's another story...


How to deeply nourish your nervous system & access your magic zone.

Kristin Nelson - Fleurieu YOga

Personalise your experience with these powerful GUEST mentor sessions ($5,000 value)

Who the F are you?
And why it matters to share the real you.

Ange belot -
Ange Belot Creator

Understand your Human Design type to increase your magnetism.

Amy Gillan - 
of earth and light

Divorce the old version of you and step into being a powerful conscious creator.

Elle Crawford - Eleanor crawford coaching

That’s $12,000 of value when you sign up today! But, babe, I have more for you! 

Bonus # 1 – 11 Heart-driven ways to manifest more wealth now. (Value $147)
Bonus # 2 – Guilt-free strategies to give yourself more SPACE to DO LESS BETTER. (Value $147)
Bonus # 3 – 7 steps to your heart-driven day - daily planner. (Value $97)
Bonus # 4 – Powerful heart opening + heat clarity meditation. (Value $97)
Bonus # 5 – Hot list of game changing resources to help you. (Value $97)

When you claim your ticket to Heart Driven Creator today, you will also get...

And I’m STILL not stopping!

Sure am! Sign me up!

Ready to snag an extra $5,600 in bonuses and get EVERYTHING you need to up-level your heart aligned life?

I needed help to plan and schedule my weeks and days, so that it all felt more doable and sustainable for me and my family. 

I needed the extra support guiding me to step into my life legacy, and into my role as a leader, and uplevel beyond anything I had done before. This, is all unfolding for me, this is all coming to reality. I am human and challenges at times, and I am feeling super pumped to have a framework that guides me back to the heart of what matters most to me time and time again, and am feeling excited of all the possibilities that lay ahead.”

“I needed help to set a clear vision, and have goals and action steps to follow each month and week, so that I knew what I was working towards, and had some sense of accountability to it all."

Here’s what some of my crew have said:

— Melanie Hansen, The Well Supported Woman

let's do this

Ready to finally TRUST in yourself and create a
Heart Driven life and business?

limited spots remaining

Round 4 open now!

join HDC now

Investment: $997

6 weeks of LIVE Interactive Mentoring, Q&A Classes with Claire Byrt
Creator of Project Work Life, Love Local Fleurieu, Rise, Masterclass, Super School, The Sister Retreat, The Sisterhood, The Project Podcast and Heart Driven Creator aka me, Claire! ($5,000 Value)


3 core modules of the powerful, specially designed Heart Driven Creator Framework
that will hold you, support you and get your into heart-driven clarity, action and upleveling for LIFE. ($4,000 Value)

Exclusive Online Community with other Heart-Driven woman,
courageously creating change + growth in their business and life. ($1,000 Value)

Over 6 year of Heart Driven Business + Life knowledge + experience from myself and professional, nationally + internationally known coaches wrapped up into 6 weeks of heart-driven magic. ($50,000+ Value)

LIVE Guest Mentor opportunities
that will super-change your heart-driven way of being in the world. ($5,000 Value)

Total Combined Value: $68,600

that will up-level your capacity for abundance and growth. ($2,000 Value)

join now



payment plan

Join now



pay in full



This is a no-brainer! I’m in!

If you feel that, at the end of 6 weeks, you didn't get value, a greater sense of heart-driven clarity and inspiration to go after what is it you really want.

If you have been showing up to *do the work*...
I'll give you your money back.

But full disclosure, there is a catch.
You will have to show me evidence that you have shown up for your heart and for yourself, and you have to show me evidence that you have done the work.

Sound fair?
Great! I can’t wait to see you truly value yourself, go after what you REALLY want and create a life that feels deeply fulfilling.

I’m so confident this program will expand your life and business that..

I GUARANTEE that you will love Heart Driven Creator.

Here’s how previous Heart Driven Creators used this program to up level their lives and businesses:

"At the beginning of Heart Driven Creator I wanted to create double my business turnover and I am well on the way to doing that"

"The way Claire encourages us to take time and space to get really clear on what we want...I feel like I now know what I want to do."

"The framework Claire has developed is so sustainable, supportive and simple."

"I now know what i'm doing, I'm not fluttering around and getting lost in a bunch of overwhelm."

"One of the main things I got from Claire was learning that 'perfect never gets done', so just take one step of imperfect action in the right direction."

"Through Claire's clarity and guidance I started to trust myself.  Maybe for the first time."

"For me it's a whole realm of empowerment that I didn't know I needed."

"You've gotta do it, if you're sitting on the fence, just say fuck yes! It's a fuck yes from me!"

You are right on time. 

You don’t have to wait until you feel “ready”. There is no such thing.

YOU are the biggest factor to your successful life and business.

And one of the most powerful things you can do is trust in YOURSELF.

So if that little voice has piped up again, whispering those prickly thoughts in the back of your mind…

“What if this doesn’t work?”

“I’m not ready yet”

“What if no one likes what I create?”

Still here, beautiful?
I have something extra special to tell you…

Tell it to quiet down, because you’ve given your heart the mic. And it’s ready to be heard.

Trust me, you are SO READY for this!

And I’ll be your cheerleader the whole way.

OMG THIS! I’m ready!

are the live calls recorded?

You will have access to an empowered community of heart driven women who are in this with you and supporting your heart-driven growth.
All of the sessions are recorded, so you can show up live and soak up the collective energy and wisdom of the moment AND you can watch on replay, over and over again.

what accountability will
there be?

You will be given dedicated accountability sisters to hold you and support you and cheer you on throughout the entire 6 weeks + life beyond, should you fall in love, which experience tells me, it’s likely!

You’ll get access to the unique HDC framework, tools, schedule, planner pages, resources to support you, your clarity and heart-driven momentum.

How long are the mentoring sessions?

The weekly mentoring Q&A sessions are approx. 2 hrs.
The Upgrade Mentoring sessions have been specially chosen to super charge your capacity to GROW. These sessions will also be approx 2hrs. (Dates are to be announced. These will be at different times to the 6 weekly HDC Mentoring Calls.)

HDC Mentoring Calls with Claire will take place at 9:30am AEST (SA) time, on Thursdays.

what is inside the program?

You'll have outside-of-mentoring session challenges supporting you to get to the heart of what is essential and getting into heart-driven imperfect action.

The core HDC curriculum that we cover in the first 3 weeks, has 3 core modules, each with 3 x training video’s roughly 10-20 minutes + written supportive material + customised heart-driven CLARITY questions + sheets, so that as you move through the modules, you are simply creating YOUR heart-driven plan. These are powerful resources that you can and WILL return to time and time again to support your heart driven life and continued expansion. Plus weekly live + recorded Mentoring Q&A Sessions with Claire. In addition there will be 4 next Level Upgrade Mentor Sessions on offer + a long list of game changing bonus trainings and resources to support your heart driven expansion.

Common FAQ's:

hey SISTER, i have a question...

HDC will change things for you. The change in the way you feel about yourself and how you take action toward creating the business and life you’re craving is guaranteed. If you feel like at the end of 6 weeks you didn't get value, and you have been showing up to *do the work*, we'll give you your money back.



This is for every woman. You don’t need to have your own business, you just need to be a human with deep desires to create powerful change in your business, career, family, way of being in the world.

I’m ready to be a Heart Driven Creator!

Here’s how previous Heart Driven Creators FEEL ABOUT WORKING WITH ME IN THE SISTERHOOD:

"When I first went into business, I had no structure, no systems, nothing. I ran into some big issues and eventually it was going to pull me up, and it did. It was then that I found business planning with Claire and had the opportunity to do regroups with her, AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE."

"I love that we are a group of powerful women coming together, we get to know each other so deeply and on a vulnerable level."

"I was trusting that I needed that guidance and accountability and that's exactly what I got from working with Claire."

"The thing I love the most about working with Claire and in her programs is that it just holds you."

"Claire is magic. She has the ability to bring all of these women together that I wouldn't have otherwise met and have supported my business and life so much."

"Claire will cheer you on, EVERY step of the way."

"It's brought a sense of connection to my life, and so much clarity."

I’m ready to become a Heart Driven Creator!

The only thing standing between you and what it is you REALLY want to do with your wild and precious life - is this beautiful yellow button.

Hey, BABe? It’s time to listen to your heart.